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Pac/West Communications is Cheating Alaskan Voters 

Paul Joslin / CUBB / November 1, 2004

Paul Phillips, CEO of Oregon based Pac/West Communications and Jerod Broadfoot, Account Manager of Pac/West Communications, have spearheaded the campaign against Ballot Measure 3. Evidence indicates that most everything they have done concerning this issue has been corrupt.

Jerod Broadfoot is known in Oregon for having lobbied to have the law changed to make cockfighting a lesser charge than a felony and to permit breeders of cockfighting birds to sell them out-of-state. He created a false image by registering the name Alaskans for Professional Wildlife Management with the Alaska Public Office Commission (APOC).

Broadfoot also attempted to steal the name of the proponents of a "YES" vote on Ballot Measure 3, Citizens United Against Bear Baiting (CUBB), by filing registration forms under that name with APOC. The current and past presidents of Safari Club International Alaska Chapter, Kurt Norby and Ron Maddox, went along with the scheme by signing their names as officers of CUBB. APOC realized what was going on and rejected the application.

Alaskans for Professional Wildlife Management (APWM) became a repository for hundreds of thousands of dollars of Outside monies. According to APOC records, the majority of its monies came from Virginia based Ballot Issues Coalition, Ohio based Sportsman Alliance and Arizona based Safari Club International. More than $350,000 of the $384,000 raised was redirected to the Pac/West Communications' office in Oregon.

The company went on a marketing binge consisting of lies and deception. It blanketed Alaskan voters with over a million print ads and direct mail pieces, every one of which contains multiple factually incorrect statements.

Its ultimate hypocrisy was its print message to voters, "Don't let Outsiders change ALASKA. Vote "No" on Ballot Measure 3." No mention was made that Pac/West Communications was running the operation from Oregon, or that CUBB, the proponents of the "YES" vote, is an entirely Alaskan based grass roots organization. CUBB is headed by former Lt. Gov. Lowell Thomas Jr., along with fellow Alaskan sport hunters and guides, Alaska Natives, former Board of Game members, biologists, bear viewing interpreters, professional photographers, wildlife enthusiasts, and other concerned citizens. Backing the initiative are also the more than 30,000 Alaskan voters that signed the petition that put Ballot Measure 3 on the ballot.

APWM, or more correctly the Oregon operation, went much further and attempted to sway voters by claiming that the outside extremist groups, Greenpeace and PETA, were the initiators of Ballot Measure 3. To make its point it created a brochure that showed photographs of Greenpeace and PETA demonstrations that had nothing to do with the issue coupled with statements about the proposed ban on bear baiting. The Greenpeace photograph was a fraud. The word "Greenpeace" was computer generated on to the banner. Neither Greenpeace nor PETA has been involved with or contributed a single penny to the Ballot Measure 3 campaign.

APWM ran a full page ad in the Anchorage Daily News claiming that supporters of Ballot Measure 3 had said, "We are going to use the ballot box and the democratic process to stop all hunting in the United StatesŠ" The quote was a total fabrication.

It also twice ran a full page ad that showed the face of an angry brown bear coupled with the statement, "What is scarier than this bear in your backyard if the bear ban (Measure 3) passes". The ad failed to mention that it is already illegal to bait brown bears.

It attempted to deceive voter opinion with a flyer that showed a worried Alaskan Native hunter on a barren expanse of ice in the far north. The flyer said, "Alaska's heritage is at stake. Vote "NO" on Ballot Measure 3." The flyer failed to mention that it is already illegal to bait for bears in the far north. Feeding bears dog food and donuts in order to shoot them is also not an Alaskan Native tradition.

None of the more than million pieces of literature put out by APWM mentions the words, "bear baiting", which is what Ballot Measure 3 is about.

"These scoundrels deserve to pay a large fine and go to jail for deceiving the Alaskan voters the way they have," said former Lt. Gov. Lowell Thomas Jr., Co-chair of Citizens United Against Bear Baiting. "We feel that truth in advertising laws should not exclude them just because it is a political issue."

CUBB tried repeatedly to get the leaders of APWM and Pac/West Communications to debate with the proponents of the initiative in a public forum. They refused. Their strategy clearly depends on avoiding any kind of close public scrutiny prior to the election.

Contact: Paul Joslin (907) 250 5944, paul@cubb.org

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