Aerial Hunting of Wolves is Barbaric

Juneau Empire / Letters to the editor / May 5, 2003


I am strongly opposed to shooting wolves from helicopters as a form of predator control. In fact, I am opposed to any kind of aerial hunting. Aside from being both unethical and poor sportsmanship, I personally feel aerial wolf killing is extremely barbaric. Whether we use state funds and state employees to kill wolves, or allow hunters to do so, this predator control is based on a lack of sound science and is designed to favor a small segment of the Alaska population. Wolves are a resource belonging to all people and should not be managed for a chosen few.

I am dismayed by the state Legislature's ill-considered predator control agenda. Alaska voters solidly opposed "land and shoot" hunting on a statewide ballot initiative in 1996 and again through a referendum in 2000. These bills, House Bill 208 and Senate Bill 155, directly disregard the lawful decision of Alaska voters to ban this practice in our state. The Legislature must be of the people, for the people. To pass these bills now thus goes against the public's desires.

- Deborah Johnson / Juneau

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