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The Wolf Song of Alaska Museum, Education Center and Gift Shop in downtown Anchorage is closed until further notice. To purchase wolf-related gifts on-line, please click on the above banner to access our 'Alaska Wolf Cache' gift shop.

At Wolf Song of Alaska, your encounter with the wolf begins the moment you step into our gift shop, wolf museum and education center. Pretend for just a moment that you are exploring the Last Frontier...and that you have just begun a journey to "experience the wolf" at Wolf Song of Alaska.

One step through the doorway and you know you've ventured into wolf territory. As the door closes, the sights and sounds of a busy downtown intersection give way to the ambience of nature and wolves. What some have described as  "a wolf lover's dream" awaits inside.

Wolf Song of Alaska strives to make your visit memorable from the moment you enter the Museum. A large gift shop bursting with unique, high-quality wolf merchandise leads to an extensive, intriguing educational wolf Museum and education center dedicated to furthering the public's understanding and acceptance of the wolf.

Visually, the gift shop's decor is inspired by the natural beauty of Alaska. The colors of nature... deep blue sky, the greens, pinks and reds of Alaska's forests and flowers...create the dominant color theme.

Two corner walls consist of large windows outlined with hundreds of miniature white lights to brighten the short winter days and add sparkle to the summer sunshine.

These windows showcase the beautiful Chugach Mountains which mark the city's eastern edge. The nearby peaks provide a glimpse of Alaska's wildness and beauty, as well as a reminder that even downtown Anchorage is just a stone's throw away from a wilderness haven where wild wolf packs roam.

Listen for a moment. The stirring "howls" of wolves calling their pack together provide background music that echoes from the sound system. Friendly volunteers welcome you and introduce you to the organization, and they are always available to answer questions.

Within the gift shop, the quantity, quality and variety of wolf merchandise can easily send shoppers into a pleasant feeling of "sensory overload". Walls, tables, racks, and display cases are crowded with unusual, mostly handmade wolf collectibles.

The creative work of more than thirty artists, mostly Alaskans, is discriminately chosen for display at Wolf Song of Alaska. The artists work with and on nearly every medium and material imaginable... pen and ink, watercolors, black and white as well as color photography, wood, clay, ceramics, pottery, sterling silver, stained glass, and even garden-variety rocks.


Each artist brings a unique mix of mediums, materials, vision and talent to his or her work. But while their styles may be dramatically different, all of their finished pieces portray a common message...a love and appreciation of their subject, the wolf.

An overview of the gift shop starts with its striking displays, the walls, the racks and the table displays of wolf photography, drawings and paintings. The selection includes images by renowned photographers Monty Sloan, Jim Brandenburg, Leo and Dorothy Keeler and Don Gott as well as limited edition prints by Alaskan artists including Jon Van Zyle, Judi Rideout, Karla Morreira, Gary Lyon, Barbara Brease, and Alaska Native painter HelenSimeonoff.
You can't help but browse the tables of books for children and for adult readers. For the children, there is an excellent selection, starting with picture books for the just-learning-to-read age, to the storybooks for older kids. All are beautifully illustrated for grown-up collectors too!

The selection for the adult readers ranges from outstanding coffee table books featuring Jim Brandenburg's photography or Judi Rideout's paintings, texts exploring the biology and behavior of wolves, to the many stories and legends man's fascination with the wolf has inspired. Varying from quick overviews to in-depth studies, some of the substantial number of titles include: The Wolves of Denali, Brother Wolf, Journey of the Red Wolf, The Return of the Wolf, and Dogs: The Wolf Within.

Clothing selections include high quality sweatshirts, t-shirts, and caps embroidered with the popular Wolf Song of Alaska logo.
You can also listen to samples of NorthSound Music Group's line of audio cassettes and CD's combining music with the sounds of nature (including several titles artfully mixing wolf howls and music).

Other merchandise includes a library of more than fifteen videotape titles, including excellent choices for kids, from award-winning producers such as the Discovery Channel, PBS, The Friendly Forest Club, among others. If you think no computer is complete without wolves, the Keeler's have assembled a screen saver featuring forty of their best wolf photographs.

Near the entrance of the Museum, two corner walls are devoted to a show of posters by Jim Brandenburg, a world-renowned photographer and advisor to Wolf Song of Alaska. The unusual wolf images create an awe-inspiring, "Wow! How did he get that picture?" display.

The gift shop's selection is constantly changing. A brief mention of other "wolf" items includes: jewelry; dreamcatchers; clay tiles and vases featuring a wolf paw imprint; and desksize framed photos, notecards, and bookmarks by Monty Sloan.


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