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  4 stars from Computer Gaming World

The Predator Series

A unique and absorbing wildlife simulation, Wolf will draw you into the mystery and struggle of day-to-day life in the wilderness. To survive as a wolf, you'll need to master the skills of fighting and hunting - and learn to trust your instincts. A vast, 3D rendered environment, along with digitized video sequences, bring the ultimate CD-ROM wildlife adventure to life. It's not a game, it's life and death.

Your heart is racing.

Th-thump. Th-thump.

It's pumping as fast as your legs.

You don't notice the gentle breeze, the noon-day sky.

You are totally focused.

On the smell.

Just the smell.

Could be the first thing you eat sink your teeth into, in days.

Dust, pebbles, sticks.

They're flying.

Then you pounce.

Suddenly. Stealthily.

You break its neck.

You're hungry.

You're a wolf.

Really. In this wilderness survival adventure, that's exactly what you are.

Which means you experience all the sights, sounds...and smells...of a timber wolf firsthand.

That's what makes this game unlike any other.

It's chillingly real.

So real that it just might blow you away.

(Or maybe a predator will.)

Will you survive 40 different scenarios and open-ended play?

Your instincts - and the interactive wolf museum where survival tips are just a point-and-click away - will decide.

As you hunt.



You animal, you.

"One of the most unusual and intriguing products of the holiday season, Wolf offers a look at life from the viewpoint of canis lupus. Some 40 different scenarios feature wolf-like goals: killing a requisite number of caribou, staying alive for a day on the tundra, or successfully challenging the alpha male. In what would pass for a "campaign" mode, you can live the entire life-cycle of a wolf. Learn of the daily struggle for food, where it is best to sleep, enjoy the passions of mating, and the tenderness of caring for wolf cubs. The customizable nature of the program allows you to choose climate, terrain and proximity to humans. Adding to the realism is a rich database of informational resources about these loved and feared animals, commendable in its own right. Certainly one of the most original titles of the year." - Computer Gaming World, December 1994.

Requirements: 386SX, 25MHz or higher, DOS 5.0 or higher, 640k of RAM (600k available), hard drive with 2 MB of free space, CD-ROM drive, VGA graphics card, color monitor, SoundBlaster or compatible sound card.


Electronic Entertainment, January 1995

"You howl and sniff the crisp evening air, catching the faint scent of a rabbit to the east. It lies farther away than the carcass you smelled earlier, but a hunter is too close to the kill for you to risk an easy dinner. Your howls are suddenly answered by other wolves. Are they members of your own pack, or are they a rival group looking to push out the competition? Better think fast. You don't have much time...

"Welcome to the eat-or-be-eaten world of Wolf, Sancturay Woods' new roleplaying/simulation game that seamlessly combines learning and gaming to create a unique challenge..."

"Five of the game's characters are actual wolves that live in Wolf Haven, a nonprofit wolf reserve near Seattle. Wolf Haven contributed to the detailed background research and careful design that went into Wolf..."

"Wolf's graphics, realistic simulation, and wide variety of options make it a unique gaming experience. You'll not only spend many happy hours playing, you might even learn something."

Computer Gaming World, December 1994

"Wolf, from Sanctuary Woods, takes you into that world, allowing you to become a member of the society of wolves; a society that is as structured as the one from which we frequently escape when we turn to computer games. But make no mistake, Wolf is not a game. It's an ecological simulation, deeply rooted in environmental science. That's not to say that the hours won't fly by as you sit staring at the screen, completely immersed in the sounds, smells and sight of a world as seen through another species' eyes; it's just that educational products don't usually use role-playing in as entertaining a fashion as Wolf.

"The package offers a wide variety of material with which to interact, including a written documentary in hypertext on the various skills, habits, pack dynamics, and evolution of the wolf. There's a real wealth of material in this section, providing solid background material on all aspects of the wolf and his world. The assistance of Wolf Haven International, a Washington state-based wolf research facility, has added tremendously to the educational value of the product. The only downside to the material is the lack of voice-over narration and actual film footage to illustrate many of the topics covered."

"...Wolf is not a game, but a role-playing simulation that is both worthwhile for your children, and for the child that lies within each of us. Wolf is a product that allows us to see our shared world through new eyes...different, but related. In Barry Lopez' Of Wolves and Men he writes, 'But if we are going to learn more about animals - real knowledge, not more facts - we are going to have to get out into the woods.' Wolf takes you into the great outdoors."

"Wolf" (Game)

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Developer(s)    Manley and Associates, Inc.
Publisher(s) Sanctuary Woods, Inc.
Release date(s)    1994
Genre(s)    Simulation game
Mode(s)  Single player
Platform(s)        DOS

"Wolf" is an animal simulation game where the player takes the role of a wolf.

The game play is divided into two parts. The first is a sandbox simulation mode, where the player has no predetermined goal. The second is a scenario mode, where the player has to complete specific actions; this is comparable to quests given in RPGs.

A notable feature of this game is the educational material available. Included are multimedia, such as clips and animations of wolves, and a section of information about wolves.

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