Alaska's Cry of the Wolf

Cynthia Minde / Apache Junction AZ


Have you ever walked outside?
Have you ever heard a wolf cry?
The sky is dark and cold,
Beneath the stars a starving pup,
No one near for him hold.

The cry of the wolf is meant to be heard,
His spirit all around this beautiful world.

Howling in the night,
Needing his mother by his side.

This little wolf gets up wandering around,
Looking for his mother only not to be found.

The howling gets louder but no one comes,
For this little one has no place left to run.

The little wolf cries with no where to hide,
He runs and runs without his mother by his side.

Closer and closer now they are here,
Oh, what are the chances that they may not fear.

We were just hungry, so we ate.
Then one came and my mother met her fate.

Now they are here,
We are about to become one,
In this final frontier.
Oh, where to run.

They have no shame,
They have nothing to gain.
Once again my mother and I one in the same.

Now walk outside.
Have you ever heard a wolf cry?
Listen closely and you will hear,
The howling, oh so near.

One by one they will pass,
Their cries will be heard at last.


March 17, 2004


©Copyrights by WolfWhisper