Russian Toast

"Cheers to Friendship"

Source: Pravda

Once upon a time, a pack of wolves lived in the forest. Their leader was very old. One day, when the pack was going for hunting, the leader said he was not capable of leading them. A young strong wolf approached the leader and asked him to allow him to lead the pack.

The old wolf agreed, and the pack went to seek food.

In a day the wolves returned with prey. The young wolf told the leader that they attacked the seven hunters and easily killed the men.

Time came for the pack to go hunt again, and the young wolf took the lead. The wolves did not return for a long time, and then the wounded young wolf came home alone. He told the leader that the pack attacked the three men, and only one young wolf survived.

The old wolf exclaimed in surprise, "But during the first hunt you killed the seven hunters, and they did no harm to you!"

The young wolf replied, "There were 7 hunters at our first hunt, but this time there were three best friends".

Cheers to friendship!