Wolves and Bears in Danger in Slovakia!


Wolf Flash / October 2004

Slovakian Ministry of Environment signed an allowance to shoot to least 63 bears. Those bears have not done any damage and have not wounded any humans. Last year's allowance was signed for 71 animals (and the limit have not been fulfilled). Additionally, 3-10 bears a year were killed for doing damages (and we do not complain about this now). Last year hunters shot at least 112 wolves and that is equivalent to the number of wolves born a year. Probably a similar number of wolves will be shot this year.

Both wolf (Canis lupus l.) and bear (Ursus arctos l.) are protected under the Bernen Convention and European Directive 92/43/EEC.

Since wolves an bears live near the Slovak borders, killing animals in Slovakia will have an impact on the other countries (including Poland).

Your help is needed to stop the slaughter.

What you have to do:

1. Inform everybody who might be concerned (including NGO's and your government)

2. Send e-mails with your concern about matter to Slovak Minister of Environment -

( http://www.enviro.gov.sk/minis/mini_zivot.htm) with a copy (CC) to juro@wolf.sk

3. Write a letter with complaints to:

Ministerstvo Zivotného prostredia SR
László Miklós, minister
Námestie Ludovíta Stúra 1
812 35 Bratislava

Ministerstvo pôdohospodárstva SR
Zsolt Simon, minister
Dobrovifova 12
812 66 Bratislava