The Prince of Wales Launches Crusade to Save Count Dracula!

New Kerala / ANI / May 27, 2004

London - The Prince of Wales has pitched in to save Transylvania, the town famous as Bram Stroker's vampire, Count Dracula's home.

According to The Telegraph, hundreds of villages in the heart of Transylvania stand to be destroyed if the Romanian government's plans of modernization are carried out.

The government wants to make a motorway running through the center of the unspoiled countryside, which is home to some of the oldest European churches and forts that are now protected by UNESCO.

The move, adds the report has environmentalists crying foul as they have raised concerns about the threat to the area's wildlife, especially its rare bears, wolves and lynxes.

Now The Prince, who has visited Romania several times in recent years and who funds a charity that restores crumbling Saxon villages, has also taken up the cause.

"There will be a big fight, those who lost last time don't want to lose again. The road will destroy a good part of something unique," said William Blacker who runs the Prince's charity to restore Saxon villages.