1. It is unlawful, without a permit issued by the department, for a person to possess, transport, sell, advertise or otherwise offer for sale, purchase, or offer to purchase a wolf hybrid. It is an affirmative defense to a prosecution for illegal possession of a wolf hybrid under this section that
    1. the person possessed the wolf hybrid as a pet before January 23, 2002; by July 1, 2002, the wolf hybrid is A.registered with a national registry, approved by the department, by the implantation of a microchip; and B.properly spayed or neutered; the owner of the wolf hybrid has current and accurate licensing, vaccination, including rabies vaccination, and spay/neuter records, and has made the records available for inspection by animal control officers and other enforcement officers;beginning January 23, 2002, the wolf hybrid has not been transferred to any person, other than an immediate family member of the person who owned the wolf hybrid on January 23, 2002; and
    2. if the wolf hybrid has bitten a person, the wolf hybrid is immediately surrendered to the local authorities for any action determined appropriate by the authorities.
  2. For purposes of this section,
    1. "immediate family member" has the meaning given in AS 39.52.960;
    2. "wolf hybrid" includes
      1. the offspring from a mating of a wolf or wolf hybrid with a dog or another wolf hybrid; and
      2. an animal represented to be a wolf or part wolf by any name or description.