Wolf & Wolfdog Rescue Facilities


As a matter of policy, Wolf Song of Alaska does not endorse any particular wolf or wolfdog rescue facility. The links shown below are a partial representation of rescue facility options that are available. 

Please contact each facility, talk to them, ask a lot of questions, visit their facility, visit their website and ultimately choose a facility that specifically meets the particular requirements of your animal or animals, not your own personal needs. 

If they are not accepting animals when you contact them, always ask for the name of another facility that may be accepting animals. 

Please remember that it was most likely you that made the decision to originally acquire and/or accept responsibility for the animal or animals. Therefore, always be prepared to be involved in the rescue process, both personally and financially. 

Most importantly, be totally honest with each rescue facility or rescue organization.  If your animal is possessed illegally, they need to know that. 

Never call your animal a wolf if it is a wolfdog (wolf hybrid).  They are not the same, and just because an animal has wolf content, it does not make it a wolf. Would you call a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Husky a Siberian Husky just because you like the Siberian Husky better?

A wolfdog is not a wolf.

Lack of truthfulness could seriously undermine your rescue or placement efforts.  Neither exaggerate nor underestimate the wolf content of your animal.  It is of absolutely no benefit to either you or the animal. 

Contrary to what many breeders and owners represent, wolf content percentages are meaningless since they cannot be practically, economically or accurately proven. 

Determination of wolf content is based upon two simple criteria, that of appearance, and that of behavior.  Any other type of content evaluation is either an intentional or an unintentional misrepresentation. Honesty is the best policy.

For practicality, your wolfdog content should be honestly described as any of the following:  (1) High Content, (2) Mid Content, or (3) Low Content. 

If you follow the above suggestions, you will greatly increase your chances of a successful rescue.