There is a place, it is told
Where the wolf spirit goes
An astral plain apart from man's own
Where bad seeds have never been sown

Northern lights making mystic display,
Some say are the spirits of wolves at play
How else can the lights awhirl in the sky
Match the fire agleam in midnight's eyes

Listen closely to the strains of the wind
Over its lament the wolf chorus still sings
And should pitaq attack in sudden tempest
Somewhere a wolf's heart is at rest

Shamans point to the sky and hail
To wolf alone  belongs the starry trail
It is by divine command
Wolf soul differs from man 

Wolf’s conscience is clear, unclouded water
It is wolf who restores the wilderness to order.
Good and evil whims are of man's construct
Wolf obeys only the laws of the hunt

History has long time proven
On beast man places the heavier burden
Wolf bears the tight collar of condemnation
Wolf's crime the eluding of man's subordination

Damned on earth by mankind's stigma
In sky wolf spirit is the eternal enigma
For wolf's place like a star is fixed
An appointment under Heaven man cannot eclipse

Can man spirit hope to know the ease
Of eagle's light feather in celestial breeze
Shall man spirit ever be awarded chance
To celebrate in the sky with enduring dance

Iroquois, Cree to Shoshone and Pawnee
All nations agree this is how it feels to be free
But if our wild brothers man wantonly betrays
Man's spirit shall never know the dancing wolf way


Author: LupineLady
Manchester Country
United Kingdom