Mac-Haydn Children's Theatre Opening Show "Wilbur, The Not-So-Big, Not-So-Bad Wolf"

A lonely young wolf looking for a pack is the hero of The Mac-Haydn Children's Theatre opening show "Wilbur, The Not-so-Big, Not-So-Bad Wolf". While trying to find a pack to call his own, Wilbur meets two bad wolves who want someone to do their work and hunting for them and this creates some adventures and misadventures.

Wilbur becomes a wolf in sheep's clothing, and meets the three little pigs as Rowdy and Cuffy send him after their supper. Two new friends, Ginger the Gopher and Simon the Squirrel do their best to keep Wilbur out of trouble, and their efforts cause more grief for Rowdy and Cuffy. When Little Red Riding Hood skips through the forest the bad wolves try to catch her, too, and that leads to their downfall and to Wilbur finding a home! Delightful songs help tell the story, and there's even a tap dance in the original musical show!

Mac-Haydn professional performers in the show include Jered Fournier as Wilbur, Jason Paul as Rowdy and Felix Hess as Cuffy. Amanda Taraska is Ginger and J. Reese is Simon; Bridget Cox plays Red Riding Hood and Jennifer Cameron is Grandma. Area youngsters appearing in the professional production will be Adam Stanton as the Farmer, and Adrien Behn, Geena Eglin and Jade McClenahan as the Three Little Pigs. The tap dancing sheep will be Hannah Burke, Emilie Vermilyea, Jordan Haskins, Jessica Kelley, Julianna Fisher and Bridget Maloy.