Sidra's Song

MaryLee Hayes / Eagle River, Alaska 

Copyright Photo by: Tom Talasz / Wolf Song of Alaska
Copyright Photo by:  Tom Talasz / Wolf Song of Alaska


"With us you are invited to stay;"
this wolf hears the human voice.
"We will accompany your way."
In repose she makes the choice, 
finds new knowledge for her day.

No need to forage about
in a desperate search for feed;
no state of being without--
filling a constant need
of facing a risky route.

Now a special home is found--
a human touch is here.
Loving tones mainstay a sound.
Tenderness replaces fear;
companionship all round.

The wolf song stays the same,
with unusual love now shown;
she takes the bonding claim
and the human touch is known,
as silently and carefully 
Sidra accepts her name.