Starlit Serenade

Michelle Alfonso / Pocono Mountains PA

Lone wolf upon the mountain
Your amber eyes ablaze
Your muzzle bathed in moonlight
Your tangled mind a maze

Your fur is made of ashes
Your soft pelt thick with snow
Your watchful eyes hold sorrow
Your gaze unveils my soul

You stand so still on ice
Your feet so firmly bound
With ropes of grief and heartache:
Frozen to the ground

Why do you howl at the moon,
Your head lifted so high?
Your eyes are closed with sadness;
You sing your mournful cry.

Why is your call so anguished?
Why do you stand alone?
Your pack has left without you
To where you cannot go.

You tremble in the moonlight,
Your heart yearns to be free.
You stumble in the starlight
And turn away from me.

Your golden eyes are fading,
Your aching paws are cold,
You lower your weary body,
And leave this bitter world.