Silver Wolf

Ann Sydow / Athol, Idaho


I saw you there, alone, heading straight west,
Thirsty and exhausted, you needed a rest.

Where were you going on that summer day?
Whatever the case, I was glad to have you stay.

A chance to help a wolf was an honor to me.
But sometimes behind my fence, I wondered if you'd rather be free.

With a beautiful silver coat, and a face of pure white,
How on earth did you always hide in plain sight?

Obedient (for a wolf)... you tried so hard to please.
Eventually I could brush you all over with ease.

The spirit of your wild ancestors could be seen in your eyes.
I think you felt it like I do, every time another wolf dies.

I'm so glad i found you, though our time wasn't long.
Thanks for letting me hear your beautiful wolf song.

I got to touch true wildness, connecting with nature,
Every time I sat with you, stroking your fur.

I hope I made you happy Silver;  I tried to keep you well.
The times I saw you experience joy made my heart swell.

I have to let you go now; because your body has given its all,
A wolf like you should be able to stand tall.

You know when you get to heaven you'll be unsteady no more,
Instead of having three legs, you'll again have four.

You will be able to run in meadows, climb mountains, swim in lakes of blue,
But please, in your fun, don't forget to watch over me too.

Run in the moonlight, hop over clouds, feel good again, be strong.
Give my best to those dogs I haven't seen for so long.

I'll keep trying to help the wild wolves; sending donations and writing letters.
It seems like so little, but I hope I can help make things a little better.

I may seem the same, doing my chores in all the weather,
But I'll be changed inside, I will love and miss you forever.