Crying to the Man in the Moon

Ray L. Edwards / Written in 1997 / Published in 1999, 2000 and 2001


I once saw and heard a wolf, was he howling at the stars; No, I thought that night, he's crying to the man in the moon.

He was sad about the death of his mate, caught in a snare; Lost forever to the Spirit world, never more to be seen or heard.

The Alpha Male once so proud, now diminished by his loss; Resorts to almost humanlike behavior, by offering up a prayer.

The pups she once cared for and fed, whimpered their soft refrain; Were now the responsibility of another, whom he might learn to love.

All the others in the pack joined in his song, understanding and sharing; In his mournful and eerie cry, once again pledging their loyalty to him.

Natures once proud and abounding breeds, slowly but surely diminished; by a misunderstood and uncaring law, that they were dangerous to one and all.

From the crest of that proud vantage point, a wolf prayer was shared; Reminding me and others when all seems lost, we can Cry To The Man In The Moon.