Lone Wolf


Robert "Wild Wolf" Leavitt / Spokane Washington

A silhouette up on the rock
the full moon hangs behind
The wolf song that is sung
in search for its own kind...

He once was called "alpha male"
the lead wolf of his pack
A position lost with age
due to the stamina he lacks...

He once stood strong and tall
this old aged canine king
Tonight he walks the dark alone
with no pack, no den, nothing...

For time is without mercy
pulling the strong to their knees
He lifts his voice once more
to send his song on the night breeze...

The countless stars across the sky
watch him from far above
He mournfully recalls his life mate
of his life, the missing love...

His mind drifts to the many hunts
and the sharing of the blood lust
When he could identify his brothers
and he knew who he could trust...

Now he is a renegade
and he scavenges alone
Through many nights of hunger
while chewing on an old bone...

Off in the distance he can hear
the "others" share the howling
Around him he can hear others
the predators out prowling...

He knows his time is limited
as he lays his head upon his paws
There in that desert moonlight
his old heart finally does pause...

The pack does sense his passage
so they pause, the howl in check
Then fill the night with their wolf song
his pack shows their respect.