The Wolf

Angela Corley / Lebanon, TN / Age 14

(In remembrance of Kamots)


A movement in the bushes near by
A shadow moving silent and sly
A ghost in the darkest night
Climbs to the greatest height
To sing its mournful song

Running in the distance far
Underneath the moon and stars
Is an animal like no other
Who runs and hunts with his brothers
In the dead of night

Growling, snarling, biting, bleeding
The other one is not receding
The fight for leader must go on
Until the other one is gone
To reach another day


Angela Corley: My interest in wolves started when I was about 9 and I watched White Fang for the first time. Two years ago I started to sponsor a wolf, but half way through last year I received a letter that said he had passed away. That is when I wrote, "The Wolf".

I am starting my first year in high school this semester, and if every thing goes well I plan to attend the University of Alaska located in Fairbanks to achieve my degree in Wildlife Biology.