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Alaskans Want Bear Baiting Ban (10-31-04)

Bear Baiting Ban Opposed by Outsiders (10-31-04)

AFN Delegates Back Resolutions
on Safety, Subsistence

An Encounter with Wolves (10-31-04)

Voters to Decide if Hunters
Can Use Food to Attract Bears

Ban Bear Baiting (10-31-04)

No on Measure 3 (10-30-04)

Why Does Daily News Reverse its Position on Bear Baiting Measure? (10-29-04)

Will Alaskans Follow the Fantasy Highways of Groups like PETA? (10-29-04)

Defenders of Wildlife Opposes Board of Game Plan to Double the Size of the Aerial Wolf Killing Program (10-29-04)

Bear-Baiting Ad Uses Fake Quote from Humane Society's President (10-28-04)

When Voting on Bear Baiting, Consider Hunters Who Need Help (10-28-04)

Hunters Don't Need Bear Baiting (10-27-04)

Blood on the Campaign Trail (10-27-04)

Don't be Fooled by False Claims; Bears are Innocent Baiting Victims (10-27-04)

Ban Bear-Baiting: NO (10-27-04)

Ballot Measure to Ban Bear Baiting Lures Controversy (10-27-04)

Hijacking the Election with Lies
Told a Million Times

Board of Game to Meet in Juneau (10-27-04)

Commissioner Appoints New Executive Director of the Board of Game (10-27-04)

Opposing Sides Snarl Over Bear-Baiting Measure (10-26-04)

Friends of Animals to Intervene in Alaska's Shooting of Wolves (10-25-04)

No on Measure 3 (10-25-04)

Pro-baiting Postcard from APWM Really Doesn't Bear Close Scrutiny (10-25-04)

Mystery Surrounds Outdoorsman's Death (10-24-04)

Ballot Measure 3 (10-24-04)

Bear Baiting Ban Will Make Alaska Safer for Bears and the Rest of Us (10-23-04)

Turkey Hunters Lend Support to Defeat Bear-Baiting Initiative (10-23-04)

In Ad Battle, GOP Unleashes Wolves, Democrats Use Ostrich (10-22-04)

New Bush Ad Uses Wolves to Suggest Terrorists Would Seize on Kerry Presidency (10-22-04)

Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund Reacts to Bush-Cheney Political Campaign Ad 'Wolves' (10-22-04)

George W. Bush and Wolves (10-22-04)


Wolves In Eagle River (10-22-04)

Who's Paying for the Bait? (10-22-04)

Bear-Bait Backers Turn Out to be a Bunch of Outside Extremists (10-22-04)

Extremists Who Wish to End Bear Baiting
are Living in a Dream World

End Bear Baiting (10-21-04)

Bear Baiting Debate Sounds Familiar Theme: Who is More Alaskan? (10-19-04)

Baiting Not Humane (10-19-04)

Baiting Bears is Bad for Alaska (10-19-04)

Don't Let PETA, Greenpeace Rescind the Hunting Right to Bait Bears (10-17-04)

Is Alaska's Democratic Process Being Hijacked by Outsiders? (10-17-04)

Winds of Change? (10-17-04)

In Southeast Alaska, Salmon Play Major Role in Wolves' Diet (10-17-04)

Bear Baiting as a Way of Life Is on the Ballot (10-16-04)

'Ballot Box Biology' Actually Makes Good Sense in Bear Baiting Issue (10-16-04)

Summary Confuses (10-15-04)

Bears, Squid, Election: How Did it Come to This? (10-15-04)

Let Experts at State Fish and Game, Not Anti-Hunters, Regulate Hunting (10-14-04)

Will the Opposition Get Out From Behind Their Lies and Face Us in Debate (10-12-04)

Outside Groups Got to Gov. Knowles; He Ignored People Who Need to Hunt (10-11-04)

Why is it That Bears Seem to Prefer Armed Hikers to Unarmed Ones? (10-04-04)

Predator Control Theory Must Change (10-01-04)

Maybe We Can Solve Wolf Hunting Debate Through Economic Avenues (10-01-04)



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